State-of-the-Art Coffee Training Center.

Excellence center for coffee training and practice in Ethiopia

Coffee Training Center (CTC) is established under the auspices of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Development Authority (ECTA).

The Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation (AICS) is funding the establishment of CTC with technical support delivered through the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in partnership with Illycaffé and Ernesto Illy Foundation. 

Ethiopia’s coffee has unique quality

The Centre, located within the national leading institution for the coffee sector (the ECTA) has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology and will have brewing, roasting and sensory laboratories as well as a cafeteria. 

The main objective of the CTC is to enable a wide range of services, supplying professionals with an international standard of knowledge and skill sets. These include coffee post-harvest activities, particularly with a focus on coffee processing, cupping and grading, roasting, grinding, brewing, packaging and marketing. Subsequently, it provides a physical platform for national and international public and private stakeholders to meet, promote services, train operators and further foster PPP initiatives. 

CTC's training thematic areas

  • Training on the fundamentals of coffee
  • Training on coffee processing
  • Training on Sensory laboratory
  • Training on Brewing lab
  • Training on exporting, café business and maintenance of equipment


La Cimbali M21 Leva

Espresso Machines

Coffee Laboratory

All set of coffee laboratory equipment tools

Coffee Roasters


Coffee Roasting Room​

Coffee roasting occurs here where two of the classiest roasting machines are available for practicing and experiencing all sets of coffee roasting profiles. 

Brewing Room​

There are several ways to taste coffee and all of them are available in the CTC brewing room, from Moka to French press, passing through the state-of-art Espresso machines, both automatics and leverage. 

Sensory Laboratory

In the sensory laboratory, CTC practitioners will be able to evaluate both the features of coffee green beans, as well as the aroma and taste characteristics of a sample of coffee.


Join and discover the quality of a Coffee Cup in CTC and share this unique coffee experience with your network!


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In Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority Coffee Training Center has once again opened its doors to international trainees, this time welcoming twelve individuals from Mozambique,

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Graduation News

On April 5, 2024, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, in partnership with UNIDO, celebrated the graduation of 70 students who

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1- 2 graduations events

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority’s Coffee Training Center celebrated its fifth graduation ceremony, honoring 47 newly certified coffee professionals. Among them, 28 graduated in

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Mozambican Study Tour.

Delegates from Mozambique who participated in a comprehensive training program covering barista techniques, cupping, roasting, packaging, and other fundamental coffee skills have successfully graduated from

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Minister of Agriculture Visit

The Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Girma Amente, visited the main office of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority to observe ongoing renovations and operational

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See and share the Opening Ceremony Welcoming Video released by Illycaffé, UNIDO project partner in the CTC set-up