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On April 5, 2024, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, in partnership with UNIDO, celebrated the graduation of 70 students who completed various coffee courses at the Coffee Training Center. The ceremony, hosted at the center, marked the culmination of their intensive training in their respective fields.

Dr. Adugna Debela, Director of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, presided over the ceremony, extending his congratulations to the graduating class. He praised their high level of competence and highlighted their exceptional qualities, including professionalism and discipline.

Under Dr. Adugna’s guidance, the Coffee Training Center commended the graduates for their dedication and exemplary service to the community. He emphasized the rigorous training they underwent, applauding their outstanding skills.

In his address to the newly graduated students, Dr. Adugna encouraged them to uphold their commitment to improving the production and productivity of the coffee sector while ensuring adherence to quality standards.

The graduates will be assigned to various departments within the coffee sector, where they will supervise the training and development of coffee technicians. Additionally, they will play a crucial role in implementing strategies to enhance coffee quality and value addition.

The graduation of these students underscores the coffee sector’s dedication to recognizing and rewarding excellence in service. It reflects a broader commitment to fostering a culture of professionalism and dedication within the industry.

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