1- 2 graduations events

The Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority’s Coffee Training Center celebrated its fifth graduation ceremony, honoring 47 newly certified coffee professionals. Among them, 28 graduated in coffee tasting and 19 in the barista profession, with a notable representation of 15 female graduates.
Dr. Adugna Debala, the Director General of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, emphasized the significance of skilled coffee professionals in boosting the country’s foreign currency earnings from coffee, tea, and spices. He encouraged the graduates to leverage their expertise to promote Ethiopian coffee globally and foster job opportunities.
Highlighting the unique status of the training center as the first of its kind in Ethiopia and a pioneering institution in East Africa, Dr. Adugna stressed the role of the graduates as ambassadors for Ethiopian coffee.

Mr. Tatek Girma, the center’s coordinator, underscored its focus on providing comprehensive training in coffee tasting, barista skills, and coffee quality management. He expressed commitment to expanding partnerships and vocational training opportunities to enhance the value of Ethiopian coffee.

Since its inception, the center has produced 129 professionals in coffee tasting and 45 in barista skills, totaling 174 graduates. These efforts align with the center’s mission to contribute to job creation and capacity building in Ethiopia’s coffee industry.
The ceremony concluded with the graduates receiving their certificates from Dr. Adugna Debala, with closing remarks from Mr. Shafi Umer, Deputy Director of Market Development Control Division of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, urging the graduates to utilize their acquired knowledge for personal and national advancement.

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