News about Mozambique Delegates

In Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority Coffee Training Center has once again opened its doors to international trainees, this time welcoming twelve individuals from Mozambique, with a notable inclusion of four women among them. This marks a significant step forward in the Center’s mission to spread expertise in barista skills, coffee tasting, and brewing techniques beyond Ethiopian borders.

According to sources within the training center, these Mozambican trainees have already undergone comprehensive training in all three areas during previous sessions. However, they have returned for a second round of training, with a specific focus on enhancing their skills in coffee tasting and brewing.

The welcome ceremony for the Mozambican trainees saw the presence of Dr. Kasaye Tolosa, representing the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), who not only extended a warm welcome but also offered expertise in agronomy and coffee quality during the training sessions.

A representative from Mozambique, expressed his country’s eagerness to engage more deeply in the coffee industry and pledged support to the Ethiopian Coffee Tea Authority. He emphasized the importance of sharing experiences and knowledge in fostering mutual growth within the coffee sector. Additionally, he highlighted that the training center’s focus on barista skills, coffee tasting, and brewing aligns perfectly with Mozambique’s aspirations in the industry. The Ethiopian Coffee Tea Authority Coffee Training Center continues to serve as a beacon of excellence in the global coffee community, nurturing talent and expertise while fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange. With the addition of Mozambican trainees, the center takes another step towards its goal of enriching the coffee industry across borders.

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