Minister of Agriculture Visit

The Honorable Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Girma Amente, visited the main office of the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority to observe ongoing renovations and operational activities. He emphasized the importance of creating a conducive work environment through modernizing the building, which he believes will enhance service delivery to clients. During the tour, Dr. Amente also visited the coffee training center and discussed its potential contribution to the industry’s growth and skill development.
Engaging with trainees from Mozambique, Dr. Amente highlighted the significance of such training programs. Subsequently, he held a comprehensive discussion with top leaders and management, led by Dr. Adugna, the Director General. Dr. Adugna provided insights into the authority’s responsibilities, including regulatory frameworks and export performance across coffee, tea, and spices sectors. Dr. Amente emphasized Ethiopia’s vast opportunities, stressing the need for modernization and technology adoption to improve quality and income generation.
Furthermore, Dr. Amente underscored the importance of value-added products and encouraged stakeholders to overcome challenges. The management raised pertinent questions, seeking support from the minister’s office and the government.

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