Training on Coffee Marketing and Export procedure.

This module refers to training on café business management and maintenance of equipment that are used in the business.

  1. Training on coffee exporting: This refers to train on export skill in order to facilitate export and preserving the coffee quality. The training includes procedures and legal regulations, markets’ scouting, partnership development with global buyers, market promotion, logistics etc. There is no institute providing such a training, therefore is found highly relevant at country level overall for all the professionals from exporting companies.
  2. Training on Café business. It refers to training on standard requirements of the café business, workspace management, menu development, costing and pricing, inventory management, marketing concepts, etc.  Workspace management skill helps in maintaining hygiene and in better organizing workspace for waste minimization; additionally, it supports the optimization and suggests appropriate position for commonly used tools, e.g., tamp, pitchers/jugs, cloths, etc. This training can be demanded by café entrepreneurs, baristas and café managers and owners.
  3. Equipment maintenance and operation: It refers to handling different equipment, how to clean them, in order to maintain their optimum lifetime.