Module 4. Training on Brewing lab

Here students will learn the principles of brewing and how to manage different types of brewing methods. Although there are institutes providing internationally, such as Illycaffè, there is no standard training available at local level despite some exercises conducted by CLU. 

Skills of coffee brewing, particularly training on the length of time of extraction; quality, size or ratio, and temperature of water per unit of coffee; pressure determination; use of brewing tools; etc. are also very important, despite there are varieties of preferences in different cultures and countries.  Therefore, advanced training will be provided on specific topics, such as on alternative brewing techniques, such as siphon, aero press, hand drip and percolator. Moreover, training on art of making Ethiopian coffee, Jebena coffee, espresso extraction techniques, milk texturing for cappuccino and macchiato, and Latte art will be considered. In this regard, barista and espresso and slow preparation of coffee need to be supported by professional trainings. 

This training would be demanded by baristas, café managers and owners, coffee quality researchers and coffee amateurs.